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      I’ve got a 15 gallon Ss Brewtech Kettle complete with a false bottom and the temperature gauge. Used it a total of 3 times, so the unit is basically brand new. Just planning to downsize, as I don’t need a kettle this big anymore.

      Paid $360 for the entire setup. Planning to also list it on Craigslist, but wanted to give you guys dibs on it first.

      I’m looking to part with the entire setup for $280.

      If you’re interested, email me at [email protected] and I can bring it out to the meeting on Monday.

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      Bumping this one up again. I’ve got it listed for $275 on Craigs and LetGo as well, so that’s the going price currently. Hit me up if you’re interested or want me to bring it to the meeting this month!

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