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    Would anyone be interested in doing yeast swaps? Since I have been harvesting my yeast lately, it got me thinking about trading strains with other members who are doing the same. Would be a fun way to try various strains without having to go out and buy a variety of different strains.

    Anyway, just a thought I wanted to throw out there. Let me know if any of you would be interested!

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    Chester Smith
    Chester Smith

    Good idea! Maybe next club meeting we can bring whatever yeast we have to share and our own empty sterilized jars. By then I should have harvested some WY3726 Farmhouse Ale and some WY1450 Denny’s Favorite 50.

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    Bart Brandon
    bart brandon

    I’m in. I’ll bring a couple vials to the next meeting.

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    Awesome! I’ve most got Chico at the moment, but might have some Mangrove Jack Empire Ale that I’ll be pulled off a milk stout this weekend.

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    Hey guys – Unfortunately, I can’t make the meeting tonight. Had some electrical issues with the house and have an electrician coming out this evening. I’ll definitely have a variety of better yeast to bring to the Christmas party, so if you have anything to swap at that time, post up and let me know!

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