IBU Brewer of the Year

Current Standings

Check back for updated standings as we get into the competition season!

Competition Format

  • Brewers will accumulate points throughout the calendar year of 2021. Brewers with the most points as of the IBU Holiday Party (December 2021) will be recognized as the IBU Brewer of the Year!
  • Participants will receive points as indicated in the scoring table below. A brewer can only take the highest points that they receive in a given sub-category for the year. All scoring beers must be unique.  


  • A brewer could receive points for both a Belgian Tripel (26C) and a Belgian Dark Strong Ale (26D), but they could not enter the same beer into both Czech Pale Lager (3A) and Czech Premium Pale Lager (3B) and earn points for both.
  • If a brewer received 2 firsts, and a second all for an American IPA (21A) they would only receive points for a single first place finish (the highest competition).
  • Specialty categories will allow multiple point-earning beers if the beers are unique. For example, a brewer could get first in Specialty Wood-Aged Beer (33B) with a barrel aged stout and then later get first in 33B with a barrel aged quad later in the same year and receive points for both.


  • Any Best In Show Win = Bonus 1st place points
Competition1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Standard Circuit Events531
National Homebrew Competition (NHC)15105

Co-Brewer Points

  • If the co-brewed beer is the only beer from the collab entered into the competition for that style from the brewers, then each brewer will receive the assigned medal point value that the beer earns.
  • if the collab between co-brewers results in multiple beers of the same style being entered into a competition, then the head brewer will receive the medal point value and the co-brewer(s) will receive 1 point. Example: brewers collab on the same batch but then ferment differently and enter separate beers.

Competition Circuit

*The circuit will be flexible this years as many competitions are adjusting due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Watch our Competition Calendar and check back for updates.